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Insulated Bamboo Pot Stand|Kitchenile

Insulated Bamboo Pot Stand

Description: This Insulated bamboo pot stand is the perfect way to keep your hot pots on. With a durable construction and easy to install, this sturdy stand is sure to...
Stylish Ceramic Seasoning Jars | Kitchenile

Stylish Ceramic Seasoning Jars

$13.99From $9.99
Description: Looking to spruce up your kitchen with a little bit of style? Look no further than these stylish ceramic seasoning jars! These jars add a touch of elegance to...
Household Dishwashing Brush | Cleaning

Kitchen Household Dishwashing Brush

$11.99From $9.99
Description: This incredible kitchen dishwashing brush is made for using soap and water to clean your dishes. With a high quality body and brush, this dishwashing product will last for a long...
Silicon Clip-on Pot Pan Strainer Kitchenile

Silicon Clip-on Pot Pan Strainer

Description: Special strainer which can be clipped on to the pot to easily drain oil or water from the food. Best used for washing rice, fruits, vegetables and for draining...
Apron - Denim Kitchenile

Apron - Denim

Description: Denim apron composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Universal size. Beautifully crafted kitchen apron for your daily need. This apron has got three pockets in the front for...
360 Rotate Universal Spill-proof Bowl Dishes Kitchenile

Rotating Spill-Proof Bowl for kids

$14.99From $11.99
Description: An intelligent bowl made keeping kids in mind. The inner bowl rotates 360deg, thus preventing food from spilling out. This is a must buy product for those little guys...
Cotton Fabric Kitchen Towel

Cotton Fabric Kitchen Towel

Description: Square shaped, simple and modern, cotton made kitchen towel, which can be used in kitchen, dining and living rooms. Comes in 4 colors, a set of two, for you...
Pro Knife Sharpener With Grip | Kitchenile

Pro Knife Sharpener With Grip

$14.99From $11.99
Description: A good sharpener will be able to sharpen your knives quickly and accurately, without causing any damage. With the help of anti slip rubber feet, our new knife sharpener...
Five Layer Onion Leaf Scissors Kitchenile

Five Layer Leaf Scissors

Description: Ever thought of having 5 hands while working in kitchen? Well, this one is a sort of multi hand, it helps you cut leaves 5 times faster and easier...
Foldable Cutting Board and Strainer | Cutting Boards

Foldable Cutting board and Strainer

Description: Our portable cutting board and strainer all in one, helps you to handle the cutting and cleaning part of veggies and fruits while cooking with ease. They are foldable and...
solid wood cutting board

Ebony Cutting Board With Hanging Hole

$19.99From $17.49
Description: Make meal prep and food presentation a breeze with beautifully crafted ebony solid cutting boards. Designed for easy storage and handling, these solid wood cutting boards are perfect for use...
Carbon steel rectangular cake baking tray Kitchenile

Rectangular Baking Tray

Description: Here is the best pan to bake brownies, croissant and other items for your family. These baking trays are provided with non stick coating, so that they always look...
Kitchen Cutting Board - Wooden Kitchenile

Wooden Cutting Board with handle

$21.99From $18.99
Description: Elegant and carefully crafted wooden cutting board to add value to your cooking. We have 4 different sizes of curved design for easy handling, high quality boards for your...
Kitchen Drawer Divider Storage Box | Kitchenile

Kitchen Drawer Divider Storage Box

$23.99From $20.99
Description: Do you have a drawer that is overflowing with odds and ends? Are you tired of searching for that one thing that you need? With our Drawer Divider Storage...
On zinc Cutting Board Kitchenile

On Sink Cutting Board

Description: Make food prep easier and more organized with this convenient over the sink cutting board. Crafted from durable plastic and food grade PP, this cutting board measures 42 x...