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Baking is an art and a skill that everyone needs to learn. Get started with our collection of baking gadgets which includes oven gloves for your safety, brownies trays, cookie cutters and many more. With these cool gadgets you can even improve your baking style to professional grade. The products in our collection ranges from basic baking equipment for beginners to high end tools for professionals.

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Baking Accessories

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Vintage Wrought Iron Tray | Kitchenile

Wrought Iron Vintage Tray

From $15.99
Description: Introducing our stunning Food Serving Tray - the ultimate addition to your home decor! Made from premium wrought iron, this tray boasts both durability and elegance. Perfect for serving...
Stainless Steel Spatula | Kitchenile

Stainless Steel Cake Spatula

From $9.49
Description: This Cake Spatula is perfect for your baking needs. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the L-shaped tool is available in three handy sizes, making it ideal for de-moulding and shaping...
Non Slip Oven Mitt | Cooking

Non Slip Oven Mitt

Description: This non-slip silicone oven mitt is perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while you work in the kitchen. The product is also water proof and makes it easy to clean. This...
Cookie Embosser Mold HBD | Baking

Cookie Embosser Mold Greetings

Description: This compact, portable and easy to use product is perfect for making decorative greeting on cookie, cake or other desserts. This amazing product is perfect for loving up your sweetie's...
Wireless Electric Whisk | Baking

Wireless Electric Baking Whisk

From $15.99
Description: Must have baking tool to make whisking easy at kitchen. Contains rechargeable battery, thus operates without the hassle of wire. Easy to hold handle design for firm grip. Comes in...
Silicone Spatula Set for Baking Kitchenile

Silicone Spatula Set for Baking

From $14.99
Description: This is a set of silicone spatula, scraper and oil brush to help you cook and bake. The silicone spatula is soft and flexible. The scraper is ideal for...
Stainless steel cream curved spatula Kitchenile

Stainless steel curved spatula

From $8.49
Description: A versatile and beautiful kitchen spatula which can be used for smoothing, stirring or spreading. The stainless steel spatula is dishwasher safe and can be used on all surfaces....
Silicone Cake Mould Set Baking Tools Kitchenile

Silicone Cake Mould Set

Description: Do you love to bake cakes, but find yourself frustrated with the mess and difficulty of getting cakes out of traditional cake moulds? If so, you'll love our silicone...
Halloween Cookie Cutter Set DIY Cake Mold Kitchenile

Halloween Cookie Cutter Set DIY Cake Mold

Description: Seven pieces cookie cutter set for halloween celebrations. Specially for the kids, they are easy to use and safe in all ways.  Overview: Environmentally friendly material, non-toxic.Suitable for handmade...
Halloween spring press the cookie cutter Kitchenile

Halloween themed spring press cookie cutter

Description: A die-cut cookie cutter for Halloween. The set includes 4 different designs which are perfect for creating those pretty cookies. The cookie die is designed with a spring for a...
Baking Tools Set Kitchenile

Baking Tools For Beginners

Description: A set of different kinds of baking tools for beginners in the baking world including spatulas, scrapers and much more. This set offers the right way to elevate your...
Golden Baking Set for Oven Kitchenile

Golden Baking Set for Oven

Description: Bring a touch of elegance to your baking with Golden Baking Mold! Our 5-piece set of carbon steel cake moulds offers a variety of shapes and sizes to make...
Cake Smoother | Baking Tool

Cake Smoother

Description: Simplify your everyday baking with this simple and modern cake smoother. Best used for cream scraping, cake de molding, smearing, buttercream spreading and more. Designed to help achieve professional...
Brownie Baking Pan Cake Mould Square Kitchenile

Tray For Brownies

Description:   Are you looking for the best pan to cook brownies in? This baking mold is the one you should be getting to make those delicious brownies and cookies. They are made...
Hollow Cake Mould Bread Baking Nonstick Pan Kitchenile

Nonstick Cake Mold

Description: Cake mold made of carbon steel, available in five varieties. This modern and simple mold is a great addition to enhance your baking hobby. Product information: Specifications: 6 sets: 26.5x18.5x2.8cm,...

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