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We provide you with the best and trending cleaning accessories to keep your kitchen more neat and elegant. Our cleaning products help you to reduce your hardship in kitchen cleaning work. Buy from a wide range of eco friendly cleaning accessories of high quality yet budget friendly in this section.

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You'll need to be sure to purchase the products that are right for your specific needs. That's why we've come up with a range of the best cleaning accessories. From sponges and scrubbers to mops and brushes, we have the perfect cleaning accessories to make your kitchen shine. Quality is not second anymore.

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Kitchen Wipe Non-stick Oil Absorbent

Kitchen Wipe Non-stick Oil Absorbent

From $8.99
Description: This Dish Washing Cloth is super absorbent, that is perfect for both dry and wet kitchen cleaning. The soft coral fleece material is gentle on your hands and dishes. Buy...
Double Button Mop Wall Hook

Double Button Mop Wall Hook

From $8.99
Description: his wall-mounted clip is designed to securely hold your mop in place and keep it off the floor. It features a strong and durable construction that is made to...
High Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towel | Kitchenile

High Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towel

Description: A high absorbent kitchen cleaning towel is what you need when you are cleaning a dish or pot. This kitchen towel comes in a honeycomb design which gives it...
Kitchen Sink Drain Basket | Kitchenile

Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

Description: This Kitchen Sink Drain Basket is a must-have for any kitchen! It is made of heat resistant, high quality plastic and is designed to keep your sink free of...
Household Dishwashing Brush | Cleaning

Kitchen Household Dishwashing Brush

$11.99From $9.99
Description: This incredible kitchen dishwashing brush is made for using soap and water to clean your dishes. With a high quality body and brush, this dishwashing product will last for a long...
Long-handled Bottle Cleaner|Cleaning tool

Long Handled Bottle Cleaner

From $9.99
Description: Clean your bottles and cans with a silicon brush that has a long handle. This brush can reach to the bottom of any bottle for effective cleaning where your fingers...
sink drain rack

Kitchen Sink Drain Rack

From $13.99
Description: This sink drain rack which can be attached to a faucet and is a great way to keep the cleaning stuffs at your reach, so that you don't have to...
Super Absorbent Drain Mats | Kitchenile

Super Absorbent Drain Mats

From $12.99
Description: 【Hide Stains】The bar mat made of special PU leather surfaces hides stains, milk stains, and any other dark messy stains. Coffee maker mat for countertops no need to clean...
Kitchen Sink Triangle Hanging Net Kitchenile

Kitchen Sink Triangle Hanging Net

Description: Kitchenile's net bag draining basket helps you to filter the waste from cleaning fruits and vegetables. Filtering such waste shall prevent blockage in the sink drain. Available in blue...
Dishwashing Sponge Sink Drain Rack Kitchenile

Dishwashing Sponge Drain Rack For Kitchen Sink

From $16.99
Description: Imagine the sink owe get blocked? Very frustrating situation isn't it? That can be due to vegetable skin, waste after cleaning etc. Here is the solution. Our multi functional...
Fish Scale Remover | Cooking Accessories

Fish Scale Remover

Description: A perfect fish scale scraper with a container. Multifunctional, with a slicer for peeling fish maw. Made of ABS and stainless steel. Comes with a hole on handle to...
Oil scraper for kitchen

Oil scraper for kitchen

Description: A must have scraper for a clean kitchen. Elegant design high quality safe and exquisite style. It has got a durable and high performance featured design to be the...
Stainless Rack For Sink | Storage

Stainless Rack For Sink

From $21.99
Description: A minimal but beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink drain rack for keeping rag, sponge, soap etc. Telescopic and adjustable length to fit most of the kitchen sizes. 4 types...
Double Sided Dish Washing cloth | Cleaning

Double Sided Dish Cloth

Description: Super absorbent and quick drying, moreover, these dishwashing cloths feel luxurious in your palms and are perfect for every use. They are made from super soft microfiber material and...
Oil-free rag | Cleaning

Oil Free Rag

From $9.99
Description: These beautiful pattern oil-free rag is a great way to clean your utensils with ease. Made from 100% microfiber, these cloths are perfect for wiping hands, wiping down your...

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