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We are proud to offer modern and elegant cutting boards, made of wood, and food grade durable plastic to our customers. With these cool boards you can cut your vegetables and fruits in professional style. Our collection of cutting boards include wooden boards of different styles, multi functional boards, anti slip thin cutting boards and many more. 

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You will be able to find online a wide variety of boards that are made from different materials and that come in a variety of sizes. Scroll down to see them all.

Cutting Boards

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Cutting Boards

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Cutting Board With Knife Sharpener | Kitchenile

Multifunctional Foldable Cutting Board With Knife Sharpener

Description: This cutting board is the ultimate kitchen essential! Designed with convenience and durability in mind, this multifunctional cutting board is made of antibacterial materials and features a foldable design,...
Steel Kitchen Cutting Board Online In USA | Kitchenile

Steel Kitchen Cutting Board

From $29.99
Description: This beautiful cutting Board is a water - resistant, scratch proof, anti rust, anti mildew, kitchen tool made from high quality steel. It is made of food grade material and...
Acrylic Emerald Green Cutting Board

Acrylic Emerald Green Cutting Board

Description: This acrylic cutting board is the perfect addition to your kitchen! It is double-sided, so you can use one side for meat and the other side for vegetables, and...
Thawing and Cutting Board | Kitchenile

Thawing and Cutting Board

Description: This cutting board is perfect for anyone who is looking for a versatile, multipurpose piece of kitchenware. Made of aluminum, this cutting board is lightweight and easy to carry...
Cutting Board With Strainer | Kitchenile

Cutting Board With Strainer

From $18.99
Description: One of the most innovative cutting board cum strainer with collapsible basket. Use this to cut your vegetables and fruits, rinse them and strain the water. This board features an...
Walnut wood cutting board | Kitchenile

Walnut Wood Cutting Board

$32.99From $29.99
Description: Crafted with perfection, these good looking cutting boards are a perfect pair for your lovely kitchen. Both designs have holes to store them easily on a hook. Long lasting...
Moso Bamboo cutting board | Kitchenile

Moso Bamboo cutting board

Description: A definite masterpiece of craftsmanship seen on a cutting board. This board is made of bamboo [Moso Bamboo] which is a well known type of bamboo in east Asia....
solid wood cutting board

Ebony Cutting Board With Hanging Hole

$19.99From $17.49
Description: Make meal prep and food presentation a breeze with beautifully crafted ebony solid cutting boards. Designed for easy storage and handling, these solid wood cutting boards are perfect for use...
On zinc Cutting Board Kitchenile

On Sink Cutting Board

Description: Make food prep easier and more organized with this convenient over the sink cutting board. Crafted from durable plastic and food grade PP, this cutting board measures 42 x...
chopping board on the zinc [sink] with vegetables in the container Kitchenile - Green

Cutting Board With Drain Basket

From $25.99
Description: Multi functional chopping board and container with drain bottom to easily cut and clean the vegetables and fruits. Easy to wash design, no sharp edges. Place this over the...
Foldable Cutting Board and Strainer | Cutting Boards

Foldable Cutting board and Strainer

Description: Our portable cutting board and strainer all in one, helps you to handle the cutting and cleaning part of veggies and fruits while cooking with ease. They are foldable and...
Foldable Shovel Shaped Cutting Board Kitchenile

Foldable Shovel Shaped Cutting Board

Description: Looking for a light and durable cutting board that you can take anywhere? Our foldable cutting board is perfect for your kitchen needs. It's made of a durable plastic...
Transparent cutting board Kitchenile

Transparent cutting board

From $7.99
Description: Non slip thin cutting board made of food grade PP. Comes in 3 sizes. Very easy to clean and features a cut free design. Can be easily hung and stored...
Kitchen Cutting Board - Wooden Kitchenile

Wooden Cutting Board with handle

$21.99From $18.99
Description: Elegant and carefully crafted wooden cutting board to add value to your cooking. We have 4 different sizes of curved design for easy handling, high quality boards for your...
Chopping Board Detachable Folding Drain Basket Kitchenile - person cutting tomato on the cutting board

Cutting Board With Detachable Drain Basket

Description: Multifunctional cutting board with drain basket. You can use the assembly on the sink, use one side of the board for cutting vegetables and fruits and the other side...

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