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Have a look at our nifty kitchen storage accessories, which will help to optimize the space in your kitchen. Organize your kitchen with the latest and trending shelves, stands and many more. The more you save space, the more your kitchen look neat. 

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We have a wide variety of storage accessories for kitchen available in this section. We make it easy for customers to find online what they need to organise their kitchen to make it utmost efficient. 

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Snack and Candy Tray | Kitchenile

Snack and Candy Tray

Description: Turn your kitchen into a colorful commercial zone with this elegant and stylish retro - style candy and snack tray by Kitchenile. The tray is made of durable plastic and...
Nordic Style Ceramic Creative Salad Bowl | Kitchenile

Nordic Style Ceramic Creative Salad Bowl

From $18.99
Description: Elevate the style of your dining area with our Nordic Ceramic Creative Salad Bowl. This versatile bowl is ideal for serving salads, fruits, snacks, soups, desserts, and noodles. It...
Vertical Kitchen Storage Shelf | Kitchenile

Vertical Kitchen Storage Shelf

From $32.99
Description: Organize your kitchen with this innovative storage shelf! Its unique wheel design allows you to store items vertically and make the most of small spaces. This shelf features multi-layer...
Ceramic Cutlery Storage Jar Set | Kitchenile

Ceramic Cutlery Storage Jar Set

From $9.99
Description: Introducing the Ceramic Cutlery Set with Storage Jar, the perfect way to stylishly store your cutlery. The jar is made of durable ceramic, making it perfect for lasting use. Plus,...
 Stylish Ceramic Fruit Tray | Kitchenile

Ceramic Fruit Tray

From $29.99
Description: The Ceramic Fruit Tray is the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury to your home. Crafted from lightweight ceramic, this exquisite fruit tray features a sturdy metal...
Nordic Cutlery Storage Tube | Kitchenile

Nordic Cutlery Storage Tube

From $33.99
Description: Experience the beauty of classic Nordic style with the Nordic Cutlery Storage Tube. This eye-catching storage tube is made of durable porcelain and is available in a variety of...
Kitchen Drawer Divider Storage Box | Kitchenile

Kitchen Drawer Divider Storage Box

$23.99From $20.99
Description: Do you have a drawer that is overflowing with odds and ends? Are you tired of searching for that one thing that you need? With our Drawer Divider Storage...
Buy Kitchen Towel Plug Online | Kitchenile

Kitchen Towel Plug

Description: This towel plug is an innovative hook that's easy to install and use and will make your life a little easier. You have to just insert the tip of...
Kitchen Storage Glass Jar | Kitchenile

Kitchen Storage Glass Jar

From $10.99
Description: This kitchen storage glass jar is the perfect solution for storing dried grains, jams, pickles and condiments. The sealed cap gives you the assurance that your food is safe...
Tableware Wall Rack | Storage

Tableware Wall Rack

From $29.99
Description: This Nordic style storage rack is perfect for storing all your tableware and other everyday items in one place. You can save a lot space on your countertop by...
Stainless Steel Dish Storage Rack

Stainless Steel Dish Storage Rack

From $12.99
Description: Give your kitchen a make over with our minimal and sleek style dish racks. These dish storage racks are a convenience and storage solution that can be used anywhere in your kitchen. The...
Insulated Bamboo Pot Stand|Kitchenile

Insulated Bamboo Pot Stand

Description: This Insulated bamboo pot stand is the perfect way to keep your hot pots on. With a durable construction and easy to install, this sturdy stand is sure to...
Foldable Fruits Mesh Cover|Storage

Foldable Fruits Mesh Cover

Description: This beautifully crafted food cover is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining table. Made from cloth, steel wire and polypropylene material, it does not hide your food...
Plastic Cutlery Drawer Insert | Kitchenile

Plastic Cutlery Drawer Insert

Description: Cutleries everywhere, but those with a compartment makes a difference. Find our plastic cutlery drawer inserts. Organize your cutleries in the kitchen drawer using our compartment box. Comes in white and grey...
Air Tight Food Storage Containers | Kitchenile

Air Tight Food Storage Containers

Description: Imagine waking up every morning and walking to the kitchen to make some breakfast, finding everything is neatly organized and no longer messy, you can get everything you want...

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