Designer Cutlery Set

Description: Cat paw design golden and silver western style cutie cutleries to make the dining table even more beautiful. The shape of the spoon is in such...
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  • Color : Silver, Gold
  • Quantity : Set of 3
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Cat paw design golden and silver western style cutie cutleries to make the dining table even more beautiful. The shape of the spoon is in such a way that it wont hurt your lips. Made from high-quality materials, this set is built to last and provides years of enjoyment. Made of SS, it is a set of spoon, knife and fork.

Buy Stainless Steel Designer Cutlery Set

Looking for a set of designer cutlery set that will add some creativity to your kitchen? Look no further! The designer cutlery set is perfect for those who love to think outside the norm. It's got a sleek design that's sure to bring pops of color to your kitchen countertop. And don't forget about the free shipping in the US/UK/UAE and many other countries.



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Product options:
  • Color : Silver, Gold
  • Quantity : Set of 3
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