Mini Dustpan

Description: Get a clean home with this mini dustpan and brush set. The comfort holding design allows you to dust your counter tops and tables with ease...
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Get a clean home with this mini dustpan and brush set. The comfort holding design allows you to dust your counter tops and tables with ease while the triangular shape lets you reach over the clutter. The dustpan is made of durable plastic that is both lightweight and easy to store.  Made of ABS plastic and silicon, the dustpan and brush set offers a degree of durability and is easy to clean.

The dustpan is also very light, making it perfect for people with reduced physical strength.

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You know those days when you're feeling like you can't clean up the mess? Well, it's time to think about mini dust pan. The Mini Dustpan is the perfect size for anyone who needs to clean up small messes on their table. With a comfortable handle and lightweight design, it's easy to clear up any spills on your workspace. Plus, with free shipping, you don't have to worry about spending more than you wanted.

Material: plastic
Shape: Flat Head
Length: 17cm
Color: Vibrant Orange, Lemon Yellow, Fresh Green

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Product options:
  • Color : Orange, Yellow, Green
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